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In the Survival Stage of the 5 Stages of Wealth, the objective is to increase sales. By generating more leads, setting appointments, connecting to your potential customers and prospects and finding what is their real concerns you now are extremely well-positioned to show the customer or prospect that you are the one.

What makes your productive fit the need of the client. What makes your product different than everyone else’s. If you don’t have answers to these questions you might find it difficult to convince a person they should buy from you.

Let’s look at a list of some of the benefits you might incorporate into your presentation.

First is your story. What experience do you have? What special training have you received? How do you use the product or service you sell and how has it benefited you? Second is your company story. What made you decide to open your business? Was it because you felt you could do something just a bit better and are you communicating that passion? Third and very effective are client stories. Last week I told a couple of stories of clients and how they used our services. Those stories showed substantial benefits to why people work with us and why over the course of over 22 years in North San Diego County our company prospers.

Additional benefits you might illustrate can include demonstrations of the product maybe the service. You might want to present some graphs or diagrams of the important information you want to get across. As we all know people learn differently. Some are best simply by listening. Others need visuals and some it can be best to have them participate in some way. Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. These are tried and true ways to get across to your customer or prospect. My auditory skills are not that great. I hear whole bunches of information and my brain simply summarizes that information into simple concepts. I have a great deal of difficulty repeating details when simply listening. Go figure that I became a lawyer. However, when I am seeing something or actively writing down information along with the auditory process my ability to recount details goes up exponentially. That’s why for me the combination of listening and writing as a lawyer does work very well.

One more point I would like to make and that is the 30 second commercial. If you have a 30 second commercial (the elevator pitch) for your company go back and ask yourself whether you have looked at the essence of the benefit of what you do or are you just described the thing you sell. If you sell computers and that is what you say in your 30 second commercial you are missing the point and benefit of what you do or better stated the why of what you do. I raise this point because the benefit of what you have to offer is what should be expressed in your marketing materials and most importantly to the client that sits in front of you. Our benefit is that we guide people through the 5 stages of wealth to enable people to create a legacy of their own choosing and one they like.

Aha!!. There it is. The top of the mountain. Only one more step to go. The best step of all. Stay tuned. If you would like more information on the unstoppable sales system please contact our office.

Our vision is to enhance the way people think and talk about wealth not only in money, but in values, beliefs and traditions. Our mission is guiding people in Mastering the 5 Stages of Wealth. Survival to make ends meet; Security for themselves and their family; Affluence in enjoying the fruits and benefits of the hard work put in to make money; Influencing others through clarity of purpose and vision; and Legacy of how you will be remembered and the impact and difference you can make in the world.

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