Much has been written on this topic. At the time you take responsibility for your own actions is the time that you will begin to shape your world and your reality according to what is best for you and your highest purpose. It is easy to blame others for events that happen to you. It…

W. Edwards Deming once said you can’t improve what you don’t measure. So think about a goal you have. Are you verifying the progress towards that goal. Oftentimes we set a goal as the end result and forget about verifying the progress along the way. I am sure many of us have heard the age…

Prices and conditions are not fixed. To negotiate is to come to agreement with the objective of reaching a mutually acceptable result. If you don’t reach a result then you have lost nothing so you lose nothing by asking.

Preserving Wealth is under your control and power. The entire legal industry is built on the idea of managing risk and protecting your wealth from others. Setting up a business entity that will protect your personal wealth from unforseen problems that might occur in your business operations.

Equity is what is left over after you figure out what you own less what you owe. This is called your balance sheet. You don’t really own your home until the mortgage you pay is fully satisfied. If you don’t believe me, remember back to 2008. How many people bought homes and lost those homes….

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