Estate Planning & More in Carlsbad, Ca.


Business Protection - Wealth & Tax Planning

With a proper, legitimate tax and business planning strategy, you can and should hold onto the money you worked very hard to earn.

Family Protection - Estates, Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning can be simple or complicated, depending on the complexity of your family circumstance and/or business structure. Many small business owners try to lower their costs with self-prepared documents, and the results have been less than idea when put into practice.

Asset Protection - Incorporation & Entity Formation

Understanding, recognizing, and taking advantage of Corporation-related benefits including personal asset protection, tax flexibility, enhanced credibility, and brand protection.


“Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends.  It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs.”




–Legacy Legal was founded in 2011 by Richard Gaines, and now retired, Jay Brandenburg. At the time of it’s inception, Rich had a well established 26 year estate and tax planning practice in Carlsbad, California. Jay had retired from a marvelous career with Northrup Grumann and had been building his own legal practice. Rich and Jay knew that the legal landscape needed innovating and that is what they set out to accomplish. The firm provides custom Will, Trusts, Trust Administration and Strategic Tax Planning for its clients. The firm is uniquely positioned through its strategic relationships to provide comprehensive, holistic and integrated wealth planning to individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs


  • Business Tax Planning

    It’s your money. Take control of your income with strategic business income and tax planning.

  • Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

    Avoid costly probate issues and unnecessary tax implications by creating your legacy plan.

  • IRS Representation

    When you need a tax attorney expert to successfully navigate you through any federal or state tax audit.

  • Incorporation

    Discover the various asset protection options for your new or existing business including Partnerships, S-Corporations or C-Corporations.



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You knew what you were doing

Your fees were more than reasonable, you knew what you were doing, you always did it timely. After my previous two attorneys you were more than a breath of fresh air, you were a whole spring day.
O.S. Oceanside, CA
He discovered the big picture of my family's needs
     Rich is multi-talented. He takes from his many years of experience in estate planning and taxation, looks to discover the big picture of my family’s needs and has been able to apply his knowledge in the way that will help my family the best.
N.D. San Diego, CA
I am pleased to give Rich Gaines my highest recommendation.
     I am always careful about giving referrals because they are a direct reflection on me. But I am pleased to give Rich my highest recommendation. Jay was able to present all aspects of wills & trusts to my wife & me in a way that we could understand and he did it with great patience. Rich did everything he said he would do.
M.N. Carlsbad, CA
Thank you for your professionalism with my client.

Rich – I wanted to thank you for your professionalism with my client. He was very happy and will use you in the future

D.W. San Diego, CA
"You literally “gave me my life back”.
     Rich — I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for the incredible way in which you handled my tax issues, trust and estate issues. A case that could have lasted 4-5 years was resolved in less than 18 months!!!You literally “gave me my life back”. Rich’s personal style of grace and knowledge, give Legacy Legal the ability to meet the needs of any potential client. I will refer all my friends, family and others to Rich with the highest accolades.
S.R., M.D., San Diego
"I have heard only outstanding reviews from those I referred”.
     Legacy Legal and my bookkeeping company, Find Your Money, have been collaborating in the same office for several years now. Because of our interaction, I have had a chance to recognize the quality of work that both Rich perform.  Therefore, I felt confident to refer my clients to Legacy Legal.  As a result, I have heard only outstanding reviews from those I referred.  Whether they needed Estate Planning, Business Advice, or Tax Representation, my clients have all been please with the Legacy Legal team.
Adriana D. Vista, CA
"simply top notch”.
     New to California and knowing we needed to update our wills and such, Rich of Legacy Legal in Carlsbad was simply top notch in walking us through establishing a Living Trust, Will, etc. Rich was very knowledgeable and detailed, walking us through every pertinent detail. We now have piece of mind in knowing that our children will be taken care of. What's truly special about Rich is his easy going, consultant like demeanor. Preparing for those loved ones after we're gone is hard enough and Rich just simply made it EASY! I make very few recommendations (this is my third) and do so when someone stands out. Thanks Rich and the Legal Legacy team!
Steve L. San Marcos, CA
"it was nice to have the experienced, calm, quiet Rich Gaines”.
     When I was helping my mom consider the value of a trust over simply adding my sister and myself to separate savings and CD accounts (as her mom and dad did for her and her own siblings back when I was a baby), it was nice to have the experienced, calm, quiet Rich Gaines at Legacy Legal LLP in Carlsbad, CA to explain the trust option to her. He discovered she, like some 68 percent of the folks out there, was without a will. That's really bad news unless you really want to give a large chunk of what you saved all your life to amass to be given freely to probate. Mom took Rich's sage advice and worked quickly to develop a will. The jury is still out on those "newfangled" trusts.... but at least she knows her options now, and who to go to because she trusts him!
Holly S. Cincinnati, OH
Working with Rich was such a breath of fresh air.

When you think of sitting down and having to decide who will take care of your child in the event of something awful, thats not typically a process that one gets excited about. But working with Rich was such a breath of fresh air. He was professional, yet fun and engaging. He explained the whole document to us in terms that made sense and answered every question along the way. If I am not mistaken, he had us laughing through much of that meeting. If you don’t at least give him a call, you’ll have missed a tremendous opportunity.
S.M. San Diego, CA
"Extreme care is taken in every respect.”
     The materials provided and all interactions were extremely professional and beyond my expectations. Extreme care is taken in every respect.
J.D. San Diego
"Rich keeps his eyes out for businesses that can benefit from wealth management".
     Rich is a consummate networker. He is outgoing and active in the marketplace. He keeps his eye out for businesses that can benefit his clients and their businesses.
S.P. Solana Beach, CA

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