A Wealth M.A.P. Make more, Accelerate and Protect, and Plan for Legacy. A Wealth M.A.P. must be build on solid foundations. What we find in many businesses is a lack of direction, a lack of focus and a lack of delivery. Business owners start with money, move to a map and then hopefully to the mind. The problem is if they never get the mind right it doesn’t matter what else they do. Make and spend make and spend leaves you with nothing at the end of the day. We change the focus and the conversation to mind, map and money. Get the mind right, map the direction and then the money will follow.

You can build much on solid foundations. When I was a kid, my parents had a place in Lake Arrowhead and we would water ski on the lake. We became pretty good at jumping wakes, balance and all that. We started to experiment with short one skis, shoe skis and trick skis.

One day, my brothers and I decided we would do a water skiing pyramid. We had to think through and plan how this would be done. My brothers would be on two skis and I would be in the middle of them on one ski. I was the youngest and the smallest so this made the most sense.

We chose a time very early in the day when the lake was like glass and the sun was shining.

We are all three being pulled by the boat heading toward a part of the lake that was very straight so we had time and room to do the trick.

My brothers kneeled down low. I took my back foot out of the one ski and put it on my brother’s shoulder. By the way. During this whole time we are holding the toe rope. Balance was critical. If I slip on my brother’s shoulder that might not be a pretty picture. If a brother loses his balance, not a pretty picture. If the boat driver isn’t steady, not a pretty picture.

I kicked off the ski (it couldn’t be to tight around my foot or I wouldn’t be able to kick it off. Too loose and I couldn’t hold the ski steady) and put my other foot on my other brother’s shoulder. Then both brothers stood up and we were doing a pyramid on the lake.

Foundations of a business are critical. There is a certain sequence in building the foundations for your business. Our Strengthen Foundations Online Program begins with the Strengthen Foundations Level, moves to Accelerate and Protect and then Plan for Legacy. The program is a self study with exercises, accountability and follow up to give you the most out of the program. Please feel free to call or email us for more information.

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