Rigor is attention to detail. It’s looking to catch the smallest most seemingly insignificant detail which if disregarded or overlooked can have long term damaging effects. Whether it’s going over the terms and conditions of a contract, or a business deal or focusing on the fine distinctions of a movement in a physical activity which can either hold you back or propel you forward, whatever it is you are focusing on, the difference between having rigor along the way or just breezing through can often either make or break a goal or a large scale business deal.

Opportunity has been said to be the result of preparation meeting the right time. If a time is right but a person is not prepared they won’t be able to grab a hold of the opportunity. If a person is prepared but the time is not right then there will be no opportunity. I have learned that life brings us opportunities all the time, each and every day. The only question becomes which opportunity are we ready and prepared for and able to see and pursue. The opportunity of wealth preservation can start right here, right now. It doesn’t have to wait. But you have to be prepared. You have to say yes. You have to be willing to commit to the process.

Novel is coming up with brand new ideas for already existing marketplaces or creating new ideas for brand new marketplaces. Typically this means creating a system that allows other people to follow. Innovation usually happens after constant commitment, repetition and frequency in doing something because after learning and building all of the basics and foundations there comes a time when you begin to see fine distinctions and as you see those fine distinctions your mind starts to look at new ways of doing things. It’s in this time that innovation happens.

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