W. Edwards Deming once said you can’t improve what you don’t measure. So think about a goal you have. Are you verifying the progress towards that goal. Oftentimes we set a goal as the end result and forget about verifying the progress along the way. I am sure many of us have heard the age old adage, success is the progressive realization towards a worthy ideal.

Verifying progress simply allows you to focus in on specific areas of improvement that need to be made in your business, your website, even your health and nutrition plan. Did you know that a space shuttle is off target 99% of the time. It’s constantly making slight adjustments based on the feedback that the measurement systems are sending into the computer. Verifying progress simply allows you to know where you came from where you are so that you can determine where you are going.

Another example of this idea is to trust but verify. Strategic and collaborative partnerships are established between people who have common interests and objectives. One of the single most important points to do when collaborating with others is to define the roles and responsibilities of each person. More importantly, is to verify that the other person is actually fulfilling what they are supposed to do so that the overall success of the project is assured.

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