Much has been written on this topic. At the time you take responsibility for your own actions is the time that you will begin to shape your world and your reality according to what is best for you and your highest purpose. It is easy to blame others for events that happen to you. It is easy to blame circumstances for what happens to you. When you realize that you played a part in those events and circumstances and you are ready to take control is when things will change.

This is a story of Indian elephants. How can such a strong and powerful animal be so docile when tethered to a small post. The answer is that when the elephant was young, the owner or trainer tethered it to a post. Struggle as it might, no matter how hard it pulled and tugged, the elephant could not free itself from the post. As the elephant grew older it learned it was fruitless to attempt to free itself. It learned helplessness. It learned that its actions were controlled by others. This huge magnificent powerful animal that with one tug could simply break the post, learned it could not.

As humans we have the consciousness and the power to know that with one tug we can break the post and change the course of our lives. The power and control is within you. Take that power and control and be responsible for your actions.

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