Tax Attorney Rich Gaines joins the show Sunday, August 26th to discuss taxes and the family issues related to wealth. Mr. Gaines offers experiential workshops in San Diego that focus on business prosperity, mastery of self, and financial health. Mr. Gaines helps families to work on their business so that it serves the complex needs…

The world is flat Columbus!  When Christopher Columbus set sail to prove the world wasn’t flat he was met with derision, ridicule and blasphemy. Can a flat tax really be flat.  In its purest form yes, if everyone does pay the same exact rate and there are no exceptions, no exclusions, no returns, no store credit, no special breaks, no…

Being In Action is a powerful way to live your life. Staying in Action is a powerful way OF living your life! Powerful prose, Action quotes & Inspirational verses always seem to find us when we need them most… and we thought it would be great to share those “re-focus” moments with Our Family. ThisThoughts to Ponder Action Quote Library is a…

Join Rich Gaines as a special guest on KFMB Radio station 760 AM as he talks with Richard Muscio about Preparing Families to Receive Wealth, Legacy, the Future of Estate Taxes, Wills and Trusts and more. Listen to Podcast

Preserving Wealth For Generations

Is your will and trust a ticking time bomb? Rich Gaines of Legacy Legal offers interactive seminars and shows you why a trust alone is not enough.

There’s an “Old Way” of doing your Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning… and then there is the Legacy Legal Way! Legacy Legal sets new standards for learning that is fun and interactive.

It’s not about your estate tax… it’s about your family & the future of your legacy!

Richard Gaines shares his approach to doing Wills & Trusts and Why he became a Tax Attorney.

Legacy Legal’s own Richard Gaines explains the process of getting a Will and how this effects your belongings & property.

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