The word that conjures up guys in polyester pants selling life insurance. Sales. For processionals the word is almost taboo. Yet, like it or not, everyone sells. They sell their products, their services, themselves. Without sales, you have no money. The only question then is how can we embrace sales and make it advantageous for us.

When I was about 13, I began my adventure in sales. The company was Shaklee which was the precursor to Amway. I had the puke green bag with the brass clasps. With the green cleaners in hand I was off to sell and make money. We lived on a cul de sac so selling to all the neighbors seemed like it would go well.

Filled with encouragement from my mother who said, “the only reason people will buy from you is because they are our neighbors”, thanks mom, I was off. Door to Door. Hi Mrs. T. Would you like to buy some of the product. It does a great job of cleaning and it is environmentally safe. Sold a bottle. And so it went. 2 hours later, on a hot day I returned having sold maybe 5 or 6 bottles. So much for my selling career.

My next sales job went even better. Selling roses on the street corner. Yes I am totally laughing. I am about 15 with a work permit, I get in van with a few other kids and they take us to who the heck knows. Drop me off with the bucket of roses. Standing on the corner holding the roses out so maybe some guy stops to get some for his wife or girlfriend. 2-3 hours later I am getting pretty tired so I sit against the street light. It’s not like they can’t see I am selling flowers.

After about 4 hours of this nonsense the van comes to pick me up, seeing I only sold a few flowers, cheats me out of the minimum wage of about 3 dollars an hour back then. I come home, tell the story to my folks and that as they say was the end of my selling career. Going into education and become a professional was our families expectation and that’s what I did.

Fast forward some 40 years and now I realize how important selling is and yet how it is resisted by most and yet, with the right training and knowledge anyone can sell. It just takes knowing the right combination. I became a certified trainer with Eric Lofholm International, one of the top sales company’s in the world. I have learned sales systems, script writing systems, implemented these, use them and our ability to approach people in a whole different light has grown enormously.

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