What is meant by adding massive value? What is its purpose? If you think about it everyone is a salesman in some way or another of their product or service. Some are good at it and others are not. As a professional we weren’t taught to be salesman. We were taught to let our understanding of our profession and our expertise be the way to get clients. Today, with knowledge more readily available we all have to do more to sell ourselves and what we have to offer.

Sometimes when you are going for a sale or a deal in business you will get rejected. Once you are rejected it will be much harder to make progress in the future. If you go back and simply ask for the same sale you are likely to be rejected for the same reasons. As such, we have to find a way to add massive value to the deal or the sale to shift a person’s mind set from where they are to a new way of thinking. If you only give a small amount of incentive, most people won’t make the shift. But when you begin to add massive value suddenly more possibilities open up.

Once a person sees you are truly adding massive value they will move mountains to get their hands on what you have. As L. Ron Hubbard said, a little more persistence, a little more effort, in what seemed like a hopeless failure may seem like a glorious success.

Many business will start with a sample to entice a person. Then they may provide a coupon or discount, rewards cards, subtle additions to value that keep people wanting to come back for more.

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