Over the last 3 months, we described various tips on how to increase sales in your business and how to create more security in your life. These tips are part of Legacy Hierarchy ™ model. The Legacy Hierarchy ™ model also contains a Wealth Preservation System. The Wealth Preservation System is a step by step process that can lead you to a life of wealth and legacy. Each step in the Wealth Preservation System focuses on a particular characteristic and technique of wealth building. Each step is linked to a letter in Wealth Preservation and each week we will provide a brief description of how each characteristic can be used by you to accomplish wealth preservation.

Wealth Preservation starts with one thing and one thing only. That is a winning attitude. If you don’t have a winning attitude you won’t win and you won’t preserve your wealth. It’s that simple. Without a winning attitude you will make mistakes. You will be distracted. You won’t be discipline. You won’t take the actions necessary to win and when you don’t win you won’t preserve wealth. For example, part of wealth preservation is to save. If you spend all the time then there is no savings and if there is no savings there can be no wealth to preserve. Wealth also comes in a different form than money. It includes and involves values, beliefs and traditions. Values are what you hold dearly. With a winning attitude you stay true to your values and you share those values with others. Beliefs are the ideas that allow you to know that what you do each day is in line with your values. If you believe you can’t preserve wealth yo won’t. If you believe you can preserve wealth you will provided you do the right things and take the right actions in line with your values. Traditions are the activities and events that you grew up with, that you created as an adult that you desire for your children, your family or others. A winning attitude is the foundation. It is the frame on which all you do gets built because with a winning attitude you can succeed.

Our vision is to enhance the way people think and talk about wealth not only in money, but in values, beliefs and traditions. Our mission is guiding people in Mastering the 5 Stages of Wealth. Survival to make ends meet; Security for themselves and their family; Affluence in enjoying the fruits and benefits of the hard work put in to make money; Influencing others through clarity of purpose and vision; and Legacy of how you will be remembered and the impact and difference you can make in the world.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community. What stage of wealth are you in? What can you do to get to the next Stage?

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