Over the last 8 months I have been writing on many wealth and business topics. Some of these topics include my philosophy about making more money, accelerating and protecting wealth and planning for legacy.

Today and over the next few weeks I want to share some stories about me, our company, our vision and encourage you to become more involved with us.

I am a high energy kind of a guy who always wanted to be a rockstar. I had no singing voice so I had to go the more traditional path. I grew up in a traditional home with traditional values and traditional thinking. I would take the traditional path and be a success.

I studied hard. I went to college. My father is a doctor, my brother is a doctor and my other brother is a psychologist. Being the third of three boys I guess I was going to be a doctor until I met the rat. The rat was waiting for me in my first year of college in biology lab. It wasn’t the cutting but the smell that got me. It was a moment that changed my life. Medicine wasn’t in the cards for me. I went to law school. I didn’t get enough punishment so I pursued a one year program strictly in tax law. I have had a 29 year career as a tax attorney and the best part is my wife and I have twins, they were born on april 15. That was the universe giving me a clear message as to my destiny and I listened.

After school I began life on the hamster wheel. Worked hard, bought a car, took on debt, got married, bought a home, took on more debt, had children, took on lots of debt. And by the time I turned 50 the hamster was getting tired. I realized that I had to take my knowledge, skill and experience and do something different, something greater and of more value for people.

Over the last 6 years I have been on a different journey looking at how to make a very dry left brain area more alive and fun. This has culminated in our developing the Rich Gains Wealth Academy where we teach people how to MAP wealth where MAP stands for make more money, accelerate and protect and plan for legacy. We have a front end curriculum online complete with exercises and a back end done for you services for those wanting personal service and custom work. Our first level Strengthen Foundations is complete and will be online shortly.

Our vision is for people to leave a legacy that will make them proud. Our mission is to show people how to strengthen their business and fortify their wealth by enhancing the way they think and talk about wealth not only in money, but in values, beliefs and traditions.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community. What step of wealth are you in? What can you do to get to the next Step?

Rich Gaines
Family Legacy Legal Law Firm


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