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Once trust and rapport has been established, the fourth step up the Sales Mountain is the most crucial. This step could lead you further up the mountain or plunge you off the cliff. This step is to ask questions and find the customer pain. What challenges might they be having, what people do they want to meet, how do they solve a problem they are having. Only by listening to the other person and asking what is important to them will you even begin to frame how you can be of value. Like the old adage, God gave us two ears and one mouth. There probably was a reason for that.

We have a simple system in our company. We make it clear that the purpose of the first meeting is an assessment to enable us to get to know the person, understand their concerns and discuss ideas that can help them.

I had a client who had been doing business with us for many years. She wanted us to do another project and when I quoted her the price she balked. She knew our value but she still wanted to negotiate price. I didn’t want to come down on price. The client suggested she might seek other attorneys to do the job. At the tipping point, I asked some questions about the client’s circumstances and price limit. She told me and I agreed. I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t want to lose a great client and now we have an even better relationship where the client has extended her trust in me to other family members and areas of the client’s life. What could be more gratifying?

In another case, husband and wife had came to us for their estate planning. We began a discussion about wealth distributions based on merit not just on age. The clients, particularly the wife, commented that once they were gone she didn’t care whether the children wasted the money or not, that it was their life. She was comfortable with simply distributing wealth based on age. I mentioned to her I had no problem with her position and my role was only to ask the questions. We continued the discussion a bit as I described where I thought the traditional approach to estate planning failed and our philosophy. After a bit of time she revealed to me that her son had a minor disability. What became clear from this conversation was that her desire to wash her hands of the situation was to hide her real fear of wanting to protect her child and she didn’t know how to do that. With that one revelation we were able to put some guidelines and conditions in place to truly protect the child and for this the client was grateful.

Find the customer pain by being interested and asking questions. Are we there yet? Almost. Next week is your week. Stay tuned. If you would like more information on the unstoppable sales system please contact our office.
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