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The preparation has been completed. The hard work has been done. The ascent up the mountain has yielded great results. Now, to summit the mountain is to close the sale. The close simply is a natural conclusion to a well organized presentation. The better your presentation the easier it is not only to ask for a sale but to make the sale. The customer or prospect has pains you have identified and the customer will see that you are the best person to deliver the solution to those pains.

The key to closing is to get a commitment. If a client doesn’t commit, then you have nothing. There are many variables as to why a client won’t commit, doesn’t want to commit, objects to committing and the goal is to deal with many of these emotional and psychological hesitations. This is called objection handling which is beyond the scope of this blog. However, we have listed for you some common ways to ask for a commitment from the customer or prospect.

Future commitment close: Why don’t we do this? When your loan closes in two weeks you can use $20,000 from the loan to put the pool in. Sound good?

Down payment close: I understand that you don’t have the $6,000 to get started today. Why don’t you put down $1,000? We will get you started and work out payments on the rest.

Spouse close: Sign up today. If after speaking with your spouse, if they don’t want you to do it simply call me and we can cancel your order.

Discount or incentive close / The deal close: Do you like deals? Let them respond. Great, if you buy today I will offer you these additional services.

Recommendation close: Here is my recommendation. Share recommendation and then ask them if they would like to move forward.

Reduce the risk close: Instead of ordering $10,000 today why don’t you just order $500? You can try us out. After you have used up you inventory you can then place a larger order. Sound good?

We hope this series has been helpful to you. If you would like more information on the unstoppable sales system please contact our office.

Next week we will begin the journey of the 5 stages of wealth. Stay tuned.

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