There are two kinds of trust in wealth preservation. First is the trust that makes the world go round. If you don’t trust someone you won’t do business with them. If you don’t trust someone you won’t play sports with them. If you don’t trust someone you won’t socialize with them.

Trust is the foundation of relationships and in relationships we build the team of people who can move us toward wealth preservation. The C.P.A. who prepares our financial statements or does our taxes to save us money. The investment advisor who takes our money and finds way for that money to grow without labor. The attorney who protects our family and our business against lawsuits, against creditors, against unscrupulous people and the estate and tax attorney who takes our visions, our dreams, our goals and our challenges and blends them together into a plan that can last for generations.

From salespeople to marketing people trust has to be earned and it has to be maintained. Trust is essential in wealth preservation.

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