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Last week we talked about the Sales Mountain. The process of making a sale. The first step in the Sales Mountain is a Lead Generation System. We described one lead generation system which was to obtain business cards from people at a networking event. Now what do you do with all these business cards other than throw them into the round file like you have done countless times before.

First, you get to place all the business cards into your database for future emails, social media, newsletters and the like because this is how you stay in touch with people and build your community and fan base of people who will buy your products or services and tell other people about your products and services. Second, you select which people you want to establish a further connection. When this decision is made then third, and this is the hard part, you pick up the telephone and make a call to that person to set an appointment. That’s it. The whole purpose of setting an appointment is to set an appointment. Nothing more. In setting an appointment you aren’t selling. You aren’t convincing the person of how great you are. All you are doing is saying I want to get to know you better and can we have a chance to do that?

People are busy these days. Some are busy and not productive, but that is a whole other story. In any case, sometimes people will ask the purpose of getting together. Really? See their thinking is that it is just another person wanting to sell something that wasn’t asked for and they may not want. That’s not your purpose. Your purpose is to connect and have an opportunity to learn more about their business. Your purpose is to be valuable and genuinely interested in establishing a relationship. That’s why you selected the particular card in the first place. Only by listening and asking questions will you be able to define whether there is a fit and whether you will be able to add value to that person’s business.

I recently had a meeting with a couple of financial advisors about doing joint marketing and at the end of the meeting I made clear that by working together as a team of advisors in today’s fast pace business environment that there is a great opportunity to provide substantial added value to your client’s rather than simply doing a one off sale transaction.

If you are asked for the purpose of the meeting, then the key is to explain the value in having the appointment. What value will you bring to the meeting and the conversation here should be focused on them not you. One response might be simply because I wanted to get to know you better, learn more about your business and whether there may some common ground and value between us to work together.

One time in a mastermind group I mentioned I was looking for certain strategic relationships in our industry. I was introduced to a business attorney who himself had formed a small group of attorneys consisting of himself, a real estate and a litigation attorney. These areas of practice are all complimentary and non-competitive as our practice areas. We had lunch, we talked about what we were doing for our practices and from those brief meetings, we have begun to refer business to each other. The point of setting an appointment was to set an appointment and to start to build a relationship.

Some of you may be wondering what to say or do once the appointment is set. We will address these points in our next Straight Talk. Stay tuned. If you would like more information on the unstoppable sales system please contact our office.

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