This is part two of the Business Essentials Series.

Business Essential #2 – Wealth

What do Business Owners Want? More transactions, more relationships, more free time, less costs, less taxes, better employees, better products, higher sales and higher margins.

Over the next few weeks I am going to promote a running dialogue as if you were sitting in one of our workshops. We will include certain exercises for you to accomplish to give you substance and value. We want you to be actively engaged with us and our community.

Last week we focused on how are you unique. Today we will cover Business Essential number two. Business Essential Number 2 is very simple. Answer the following questions. I recommend doing so in a quiet place where you really have time to reflect and think about the questions.

What Wealth Means to Me Is…..

What Legacy Means to Me Is…..

If I Had More Wealth I Would…..

One Desire I Have Always Wanted Is…..

The Most Important Part of My Life Is…..

Cheat Point. Wealth can mean a lot more that money and you don’t need money to have a legacy.

Our vision is for business and families to create lasting wealth. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations. To do these things we need to have business prosperity, good financial foundations, a tax fortress and personal power.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community. We educate, transform and inspire business owners and families in enhancing the way they think and talk about wealth in money, values, beliefs and traditions. Unite, Align and Nurture your common purpose and vision and protect and preserve your wealth for generations. What is your Legacy?

We welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts.

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