Welcome to Straight Talk. We at Legacy Legal and Family Legacy Trainings appreciate your enjoyment of our weekly insights on Building a Legendary Future and Creating Lasting Wealth and Legacy. I wanted to continue the theme from last week in presenting the idea of Building a Legendary Future-Today.

Families get ripped apart. Brothers and sisters stop talking. Money that could be invested in the family is wasted on frivolous lawsuits. This is the future when people fail to plan, fail to communicate or fail to have the right knowledge. After a 28 year career as a tax attorney I knew there had to be a different way. I knew there could be something bigger, better, greater than ourselves. I realized that we all could have the opportunity to build a legendary future today filled with prosperity, money and wealth in values, beliefs and traditions.

Isn’t that why we are here? Isn’t that why we work hard each day. Not so our wealth and legacy will be blown away like the sands of time. We work hard each day so our wealth and legacy will last not just one generation, not even two generations, but three generations and beyond.

Building a legendary future means making the right choices and decisions today. Not tomorrow. Not some unseen distant time that we cannot grasp, but today, when it counts, where every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year. Every action. Everything we do. Counts.

Building a legendary future today reflects our hopes and our dreams. It holds the space for us to be our best selves and what we can create. It takes the form of preparing our families for the responsibility of wealth, or successful business transitions or parents and children coming together to create a plan to be clear on what do to when the parent gets older and can no loner take care of themselves.

How do we go about building a legendary future today? One that is financially and legally secure. One that will stand the test of time and be honored and protected. There are 3 simple foundations to build a Legendary Future-Today.

Foundation Number 1 is Commitment:

Commitment is a mindset. It’s the choice we make to stick to something even if the going gets tough. For example, let’s say we are a C level tennis player and we want to get to the B level. Commitment means taking lessons and playing the better players and with a 100% commitment we will know that if we don’t get to the B level right away, it’s not because of a lack of commitment, but rather a lack of knowledge, skill or training. However, if we don’t have a 100% commitment then if we fail to get to the B level we won’t know whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge, skill or training or a lack of commitment.

Foundation Number 2 is Pay Our Self First:

What good is it to make money and spend money and end up with nothing. Like the old saying goes, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. There is a simple and often told principle that you have to live within your means. So simple yet so many don’t won’t or can’t. We all have had financial struggles at one time or another and I finally took to heart the idea that the only way to wealth is to pay our self first and not only to pay our self first but to make sure that the money is put away where it can’t be reached so at the end of the day we will have something to show for our efforts.

Foundation Number 3 is Planning:

People plan a vacation, plan to buy a home, plan to have a child, but plan to create a legendary future… They would rather listen to fingernails scraping on a chalkboard. Without a plan there is F.A.I.L., Family anger in lawsuits. Without a plan there is F.A.I.L., financial abundance is lost. Without a plan there is F.A.I.L.U.R.E. Family achievement is lacking undermining real enrichment. Having a plan is like having a roadmap showing us which roads to take. Alerting us to the hazards to avoid and showing us which sights to see.

Building a legendary future today shows up in the love that my wife, my two children and I had as we were together when we had to let our 12 year old German Shepherd go. Building a legendary future today is the enjoyment of sitting front row center at the Coronado Playhouse. 4 feet from the stage where I could feel the energy of the actors. I could see the precision of their body movements as they glided across the stage. I could see the focus in their eyes as they danced balancing a bottle on their head.

Building a legendary future today means taking the right steps and doing the right actions. Are you ready to take those first steps to soar to your greatness? Are you ready to do the right actions and build a legendary future today? I know that each and every one of you has it inside of you to build a legendary future today not only for yourselves, but for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Our vision is for business and families to build legendary futures-today. One that is financially and legally secure. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community. We educate, transform and inspire business owners and families in enhancing the way they think and talk about wealth in money, values, beliefs and traditions. What is your Legendary Future?

We welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts.

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