This is part four of the Business Essentials Series.

Business Essential #4 – Four Strategies to Make Money

What do Business Owners Want? More transactions, more relationships, more free time, less costs, less taxes, better employees, better products, higher sales and higher margins.

We hope you are finding this interactive method of providing you valuable tools for your business a positive experience. Looking back over the last 3 weeks, in Week 1 we explored what makes you unique, in week two we explored the meaning of wealth. Last week we went into the mindset of a business owner and this week we will look at the 4 strategies to make money. Well, 4 legal ways anyway.

Strategy number one is a job or career.

In my view a job or career is like lifting weights. It’s hard, it’s a lot of work and unless you keep doing it over and over and over and … again the benefits are temporary. Isn’t the whole reason we left our “day jobs” was to get out of the daily grind. So I ask you. Are you just doing business or are you running a business? Are you an employee of your own business just like you were an employee for someone else.

Strategy number two is investments.

Investments generate income without you having to do the work. Dividends, interest, or rents. Depending on how you build your investments you may or may not have enough income so you don’t have to work or at the very least you may have some extra money for the fun things you like to do in life. Building a business is like creating an investment. Receiving a rate of return where you don’t have to be doing all the work.

Strategy number three is leverage.

Leverage of other people’s skills, time, energy and knowledge. This is one of the better ways to make money. The insurance and financial services industry are masters at this. Think about it. A company comes up with an idea for a product or a strategy to sell a product and they tell a bunch of people to go out and sell it. The company then pays the people a commission for sales made. The company really doesn’t do the work. And the best part. There are lots and lots and lots and … of people who are actually willing to do this whether or not they have the knowledge, skill, training or education.

Strategy number four is products.

The last way to make money is from selling products this is another really good way to make money because now you have something tangible that you are making hopefully from a systemized process that can sell whether you are around or not.

Our vision is for business and families to create lasting wealth. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations. To do these things we need to have business prosperity, good financial foundations, a tax fortress and personal power.

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