This is part one of the Business Essentials Series.

Business Essential #1 – Being Unique

What do Business Owners Want? More transactions, more relationships, more free time, less costs, less taxes, better employees, better products, higher sales and higher margins.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do something different. I am going to promote a running dialogue as if you were sitting in one of our workshops. We will include certain exercises for you to accomplish to give you substance and value. We want you to be actively engaged with us and our community.

Today I will focus on Business Essential Number One. Being Unique. In my workshops when I introduce myself I say, “My name is Rich Gaines” and then I raise my hand high in the air. I ask. “How many have seen a presenter raise their hand high in the air to start a workshop. What were the reasons I did this? Take a few moments to think about the reasons I would raise my hand high. Reaching for the ceiling. Not halfway but fully stretched. Write down some of those reasons. Yes. That’s correct. Write down some of those reasons right NOW.

Next, once you have some of those thoughts written down, write down 3-5 ways that you are unique. Yes Again. Right Now. Do it. What makes you different than anyone else on the planet. Your experiences, your backgrounds, your culture, your beliefs. What makes you who you are or your business what it is that is different than anyone else. And Pleeeeease. I don’t mean you have the best product and you give the best service.

Once you have identified what makes you unique, you now have the opportunity to define how you do business different than anyone else. Whether you perform a service or whether you sell a product. My background was all about education. That’s what I did as a kid; yes I was the nerd, that’s what I have been doing my entire career. So education, is about everything I do and in the last 5 years I have been fortunate to take this background and training and craft a business and a message of value that I can bring to others. What is your message of value that you bring to others that is consistent with what makes you unique.

Once you have identified what makes you unique and how your perform your service or sell your product consistent with that uniqueness, now you have the opportunity to craft your 30 second commercial. How that will happen is what we will go into next week.

Our vision is for business and families to create lasting wealth. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations. To do these things we need to have business prosperity, good financial foundations, a tax fortress and personal power.

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What is your Legacy?

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