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What is the Legacy Footprint of our economic theories. Cypress is the tip of the iceberg. Italy and Spain are right behind. This is what happens when a government can’t pay it’s bills. It’s simple math. When expenses exceed income you go broke. As for the U.S., how do you think a country that has a 17 trillion dollar deficit can grow and be productive when about 80% of gross domestic product which means 80% of what we produce goes to pay off debt; and the politicians want to increase government spending?? So when the government of Cypress closed the banks, the citizens couldn’t get their money.

Now that the deal is done, which meant 13 billion in loans from the rest of the European Union, the citizens ended up with over 40% of their deposit money being taken by the government. Just like that. Can you imagine? You work hard each day to enjoy life, put money away in a bank and poof, sorry Charlie, 40% of your money gets wiped out. Isn’t that kind of like taking money from your kid’s piggy bank to pay your bills?

Here’s my perspective and challenge. Government is not a concept. Government is people who are working because you work and pay money to them to do things. So they use your money from the taxes you pay. They use your money to spend the way they see fit. Your money pays their salary. If they don’t do anything guess what? They still get paid, with your money. They don’t care because it’s not their money. If they spend it and it doesn’t do any good guess what? You continue to pay more taxes and they get more to spend. That’s what government is and does. It’s the ultimate leverage system. Leveraging the time, talent, and treasure of the population. When I do workshops and I ask the question how many of you like to control the decisions you make in life and what happens to your property everyone raises their hand. So how come people are just accepting that others can control what happens with their property and money to the tune of a 17 trillion dollar debt?

So when government provides money to people who don’t pay taxes, your money goes to those people and when there aren’t enough of you to pay enough taxes to pay for the people who don’t pay taxes, government goes broke and can’t pay for all the things the people working in government promised. Here’s a thought. What if enough Americans decided only to work enough so they wouldn’t have to pay any taxes? Where would the money to fund government come from? Hmmmmmm. So then next time when we are all bogged down in filling out massive amounts of paperwork to comply with some regulation and prevented from earning money, just remember what happens when government goes broke.

Our estate planning vision is for families to be financially self sufficient. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations. To do these things we need to have business prosperity, good financial foundations, a tax fortress and personal power. To do these things we have to get our fiscal house in order. To do these things we have to get our economy back on track. It’s time to pay attention to what we make and what we spend and to have a plan.

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