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I had the pleasure of attending an event in Los Angeles over the week-end. Being in Los Angeles where I am from was a disaster. The traffic is horrendous. The event was great in showing me a new model.

It’s a hard thing to admit but being very specialized in the area of tax and estate planning now has it’s challenges. Many people today want knowledge packaged in a way they can use it and without having to pay a lot for it. Yet it is the very knowledge and experience combined that are valuable.

What I learned at the event is there are ways to package your knowledge and experience and provide a valuable offering to various levels or stages of where people are in their life. For those that are struggling to make ends meet there are basic services that can be offered. For those that have achieved a level of success there are services that are available to them.

Most importantly, however, the very idea of packaging knowledge was very attractive. It provides the opportunity to get out of doing manual labor day in and day out. Selling knowledge in a variety of ways, knowledge that is high in content and value, and being able to make money is a New Model that business owners and I believe service providers in particularly will have to implement if they want to survive. The old way of marketing to get another transaction is fast becoming a dinosaur.

Our vision is for business and families to build legendary futures-today. One that is financially and legally secure. Our mission is to build, protect and preserve wealth and legacy for generations.

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Rich Gains
Tax and Estate Planning Attorney
Carlsbad, California

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