Lessons through experience & conversation, can remove the problems of the “old way” of doing Wills and Trusts, and replaces it with a Living Legacy!

Looking at our family and how we progress from childhood through our golden years.  How our perspective and decision making is different at each stage.

There’s an “Old Way” of doing your Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning… and then there is the Legacy Legal Way! Legacy Legal sets new standards for learning that is fun and interactive.

Bridge the Future to the Present.  In this Video Rich trains with his team on Legacy Legal’s Vision Statement.

What Legacy Am I Leaving?   In a series of informal chats Rich discusses the benefits of Health and Wealth with one of his playshop co-presenters and why it is so important to make good health and wealth choices today for a better tomorrow.

Honor and Protect your Future Legacy. Why is Estate Planning so Important?  Because it takes more than good intentions.   Good intentions don’t prevent families from being ripped apart, money being wasted on frivolous lawsuits and brothers and sisters fighting over the details of the plan.

Your Influence- Who you are is everything you are up to the moment of your death.  Rich closes a workshop with heartfelt words and stories and a special offer for his book- Generations.  

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