Serving Clients All Over San Diego and Southern California With Wills, Trusts & More

As a business owner or executive, you have a responsibility to your employees and clients to maintain business continuity as part of your legacy, if something, god forbid, should happen to you.

Estate Planning can be simple or complicated, depending on the complexity of your family circumstance and/or business structure.  Many small business owners try to lower their costs with self-prepared documents, and the results have been less than idea when put into practice.

A quality estate plan acts as a compass to guide your family and employees today and into the future.  With a common vision, you can preserve and protect your family and your assets for generations.

Things will always change over time.  Selecting a firm that can maintain and modify your estate without “reinventing the wheel” over time has been the proven method for hundreds of our clients over the last two decades.

Creating an unsusceptible estate plan starts with communication, business planning, and documentation.

Professionally and personally, estate plans may include:

• Living, Irrevocable, and/or Land Trusts
• Wills
• Heath and Financial Power of Attorney
• Living Directive / Living Will / DNR

There are clearly items that are subject to California that can make all the difference to the overall strategy and plan including California Community Property.

Legacy Legal represents clients throughout Northern and Southern California who reside in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside County, including Temecula and Murrieta.  In a safe and confidential environment we assist our clients with one-on-one attention in determining their goals and objectives.

Most importantly, we will help you protect the equity in your home, instruct you on how to hold title in your home, avoid probate and save money in taxes.

With over 25 years experience, we are equipped to handle any estate, no matter the size or complexity.

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Simple or Statutory Will for simple estate plans.

Pour-over Will for additional protection with a primary beneficiary.

Conditional or Contingent Wills to create additional provisions based on certain if/then statements.

Reciprocal Wills to leave all assets to each other.

Joint Will to first protect a surviving partner and then name a secondary beneficiary after both parties have passed.

Mutual Will to ensure no changes are made after execution.

Living Will to address medical treatment when otherwise incapacitated.


Revocable trusts- Retain control of all the assets.

Irrevocable life insurance trusts: Remove life insurance benefits from your taxable estate.

Generation-skipping trusts: Transfer money tax-free to relatives as beneficiaries.

Credit shelter trusts: Bequeath an amount up to an estate exemption for long-term tax benefits.

Qualified personal residence trusts: For homes that appreciate in value.

Qualified terminable interest property trusts: For families of divorce, remarriage and step children.

Business Continuity

  • Leadership Transition
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Governance